LDMC Member


Important Member Info

Budget:  $3000 ($1000 from remaining 2023 funds; $2000 to be collected)

$100 per active member/pledge


Setup:  Thursday May 30th – 5-9PM (all active members and pledges)

Cleanup:  Sunday June 2nd – 9AM-Noon (all active members and pledges)


Things we need to take care of ASAP: 


We have a list of duties and descriptions.  We need all active members and pledges to sign up for all the duty slots.

Most of the duties are fairly simple, but will greatly help everything to run smoothly.

There will be a $50 fine for any member that misses their Doodie.

Party Day:  Friday May 31st 8am-9pm

Competition Day:  Saturday June 1st 8am-9pm

We can all still party and have a good time on Saturday, but our focus needs to be on making sure everything runs smoothly and we dominate.  Please make sure you’re fulfilling the responsibilities of your duty during your selected time slot.

Doodie Descriptions

Gate Keeper

·        Sit at the table at entrance and collect $10/adult donation

·        Inform entrants of rules

·        Sell raffle tickets

·        T-Shirt Sales

·        Game team sign up

Trash Hole

·        Remove and replace any full-ish trash bags

·        Pick up any litter on the ground and place it in a trash can

·        Clean tables of empty plates, cups, utensils, etc

Dish Bitch

·        Wash dishes, knives, etc. for cooking team

·        Wash dishes, utensils, etc for hospitality tent

·        Clean BBQ prep tables and other tables/surfaces that need to be cleaned

·        Wash anything that needs to be washed

Serving Wench

·        Get out and replace sides, condiments, plates, utensils for the hospitality area

·        Monitor keg levels and alert Famine or Gluttony if a keg is low/empty

·        Keep hospitality area stocked

·        Close open chip bags not being used, cover food when not being used

·        Make sure sides/condiments for each meal are out

·        When people get the munchies bring leftover sides and food back out

·        Pack up leftover food and put in fridge

Games Master (Pride?)

·        MC the games tournament

·        Coordinate so that teams are playing each event throughout the day on Saturday

·        Fill out initial brackets for each event (beer pong, corn hole, ladder golf?)

·        Update brackets as matchups happen

·        Announce Games Winner during awards ceremony

Sous Chefs

·        Help with prepping, trimming, rubbing, saucing chicken and ribs

·         Help with wrapping, unwrapping, saucing ribs

·         Help with saucing chicken

·        Assist rib and chicken cook teams in any other way that’s needed

Pitmasters (Famine, Lust, Dani, others?)

·        Responsible for making sure all chicken and ribs are properly BBQed to win

·        Manage grill firebox and temperatures

·        Manage schedule so chicken and ribs are ready to be boxed and turned in on time

·        Will be constantly monitoring grill during entire chicken and rib cook

Box Loader

·        Responsible for adding garnish to turn in boxes

·        Responsible for making sure each box has correct number of pieces of meat in it

·         Carries box to turn in location

Side Bitch (Gluttony)

·         Make breakfast both days

·         Run the fryer and cook catfish and fries on Friday

·        Cook the sides for Saturday dinner (mac-n-cheese and baked beans)

·        Having sides ready on time

·        Cook breakfast

·        Fry wings

Pork Puller

·        Pull new butts as needed

·        Talk up and explain sauces to everyone sampling pork

Lord of the Butt

·        Get butts on the smoker 8:30AM Friday

·        Maintain smoker temp all day Friday

·        Vacuum seal and put butts in cooler 8:30PM Friday

·        Serve butts during people’s choice with Pork Pullers

Sample Collector (Tim?)

·        Receive the turn in boxes of chicken and ribs

·        Bring turn in boxes to judges

·        Count donations and raffle prize

·        Record scores and calculate winners

·        Announce BBQ Comp Winners

Master of Debauchery (War?)

·        In charge of keeping music playing and the crowd engaged

·        In charge of announcing when things are happening:  people’s choice, games, food, etc

·        Calls up the Sample Collector and Games Master during awards ceremony

·        Announces people’s choice winner

·        Announces overall winner of BBQ comp

·        Announce Raffle Winner and give prize

ALL MEMBERS - - - Sign up for your Doodie Shift using the Form below. 

If you don't pick a Slot by 3/28/24, one will be selected for you. Missing your selected slot will result in a $50 fine.

The Google Sheet should update with your name in the appropriate slot after you submit and refresh the page. You shouldn't need to sign in to fill out the form, it'll just display the Name you submitted for the first question. If you have issues or it goes wonky, just let me know and I'll get it fixed. 


Doodie Signup

Member Schedule


·        Gluttony picks up kegs.

·        Gluttony and Famine pick up the bar and griddle and take to Famine’s house.



·        Gluttony and Famine go buy all the food and drinks for the event and take to Famine’s house.

·        EVERYONE shows up at Famine’s house @5PM (with popups/tables/chairs/anything else they’re bringing) and we set everything up for the event.

Friday (Party Day)

·        Gates open at 8AM

·        Butts on smoker 8:30AM

·         Pancakes, sausages, and eggs for breakfast (8:30-9:30am)

·        Everyone shows up by noon.

·        Fried catfish and fries for lunch (noon)

·        Wing cookoff with fries at (5:00-6:00PM)


Saturday (Work/Comp Day)

·        Gates open at 8AM

·        Cook’s Meeting 8:30AM

·        Everyone shows up by 9AM

·        Pancakes, sausages, and eggs for breakfast (8:30-9:30am)

·        People’s Choice, slaw, potato salad for lunch (12:00PM-2:00PM)

·        Chicken turn in 4:00PM

·        Ribs turn in 4:30PM

·        Chicken and rib tasting with mac-n-cheese and baked beans (5:30-6:30PM)

·        Meet with Judges for feedback 6:00PM

·        Award Ceremony, games winner announced, and raffle draw 6:30PM

Shopping List

4 Kegs (2 Miller Lite and 2 Coors Light)

Sausage patties

Pancake Mix



Cornmeal 1lb


Chicken Wings (40lb)


Tartar Sauce


Slaw (2x big containers)

Potato Salad (2x big containers)

8 Butts

12 Racks of Ribs (6 good start market, 6 cheap-ass ribs)

60 Chicken Thighs (20 good whole foods, 40 cheap-ass thighs)

Peanut Oil

Cheddar cheese


Half and Half

Baked beans (2x gallon cans)


Bell Peppers


Hawaiian Roles (3x sams size)


Paper plates

Plastic utensils

Solo Cups x2


Lettuce for turn in boxes